Junca X protocol

It is a secure and efficient permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that empowers a diverse system of DEXs, MM providers, and independent projects to work together in a decentralized manner.
IJuncaswapV2Pair is an extension of IUniswapV2Pair:
interface IJuncaswapV2Pair {
// whether gasless pair or not
function gasless()external view returns(bool);
// gas left to pay for minerfee
function gasLeft()external view returns(uint);
// pay for minerfee per transaction
function gasPerTx()external view returns(uint);
// the gas low water mark
function gasLowWaterMark()external returns(uint);
// pair creater
function issuer()external view returns(address);
// recharge gas to pay for minerfee,anyone can recharge to obtain the authority to fees
// min recharge value is 1 ether JGC
function gasRecharge()external payable;
// return the min sell value of token0 and token1
function mtv()external view returns(uint,uint);
// set min tranact value,only by issuer
function setMTV(uint _mtv0,uint _mtv1)external;


  • Support uniswap-like transactions, you can use uniswap interface to access and trade on Juncachain
  • The transaction fee is 0.3% of the sold token
  • Support the creation of GasLessPair, users do not need gas fees to trade in GasLessPair, and even complete the transaction without holding JGC
  • JuncaswapRouter1: Transactions via JuncaswapRouter1 cost gas, and the transaction fee is 0.3%, of which 0.25% is rewarded to liquidity providers and 0.05% is rewarded to the platform, which is exactly the same as uniswap
  • JuncaswapRouter2: GasLessPair can only be traded through JuncaswapRouter2, the transaction fee is 0.3%, of which 0.15% is rewarded to liquidity providers, 0.05% is rewarded to the platform, and 0.1% is rewarded to the creator of the pair
  • Create GasLessPair: call JuncaswapFactory.createPair to create a gasless transaction pair (GasLess)
  • Set the minimum transaction volume: GasLessPair.setMTV
  • Recharge gas: GasLessPair.gasRecharge, if the gas in the transaction pair is lower than the low water mark, the recharger will win the issuer status and get transaction fees
  • Query the miner fee to be paid for each swap transaction: GasLessPair.gasPerTx, this value is dynamically adjusted by the platform according to network congestion
  • Query the remaining amount of gas in the GasLessPair: GasLessPair.gasLeft, when gasLeft is less than gasPerTx, the transaction will not be completed
  • Query the gas low water mark of the GasLessPair: GasLessPair.gasLowWaterMark, when the gas is lower than the low water mark, the issuer may be contested

Contract Address

  • JuncaswapWJGC: 0x000000000000004a756e636153776170574A4743
  • JuncaswapFactory: 0x000000004a756e636173776170466163746F7279
  • JuncaswapRouter1: 0x000000004A756E636173776170526f7574657231
  • JuncaswapRouter2: 0x000000004a756E636173776170526F7574657232