Sign up & in Junca

Frist, launch the Junca app, select Get started.


1.Choose a login method,There are three ways to log in

  • Mobile phone/email password login

  • Apple login

  • Google login

2.Mobile phone/email password login

Enter the registered nickname or mobile phone or email address and password, and select Sign in.

3.Sign in with Apple

Using the new login method will obtain your Apple ID email address to register and log in to Junca.

4.Sign in with Google

Using the new login method will obtain your Google mailbox to register and log in to Junca.

5.Sign in again to use Face ID

After you log in once, you can use Face ID to log in again next time you open the app.


1.Enter basic information: phone/email, nickname, password, invitation code (optional).

2.Fill in the verification code received by phone/email.

3.Select Restore Wallet/New Wallet/Create Wallet Later to enter the subsequent process.

Forget Password

1.Enter your phone or email to reset your password.

2.Please enter your verificatiion code and new password to reset your password.

Choose to Reset Password, and you can log in with the new password after success!

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